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THUMBS UP/DOWN: Views by the Echo Press Editorial Board

Thumbs Down: In light of Veterans Day, the Better Business Bureau sent out a reminder this week about one of the lowest forms of scamming there is: con artists who target service members and their families. Watch out for these tactics: scammers posing as the Veterans Administration (VA) and contacting veterans to say they need to update their credit card, bank or other personal/financial information. Charging veterans for services they could get for free, such as copies of their service records or help signing up for military benefits. Fraudulent investment schemes that convince veterans to transfer their assets into an irrevocable trust. Offering instant approval military loans that often have high interest rates and hidden fees. Advertising housing online with military discounts and incentives, and then bilking service personnel out of the security deposit. Selling things like security systems to spouses of deployed personnel by claiming the service member ordered it to protect his or her family. Posting fake employment ads, specifically asking for veterans, and then charging an upfront fee for training. Posing as government contractors recruiting veterans and then asking for a copy of the job applicants passport (which contains important personal information).